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Why register for MyAWB account?

Less paperwork, less time spent! With MyAWB you can generate and print your own transport documents for parcels and letters. If you don't have the possibility to print them, you can communicate at the post office the barcode generated from the application. As registered user , you save time and benefit from the following:

  • generate and visualize the transport document;

  • upload, edit and visualize dispatch notes;

  • monitor your deliveries for a certian period of time;

  • generate reports for both your dispatches and cash on collection status.

My AWB- Our new online dispatches management service
What it is, how it works and how it can help you control and better manage your dispatches.



021 9393

021 9393 111 (pentru apeluri din strainatate)

Available daily between classes
M - F: 0800 - 2000
     S: 0900 - 1300

Phone calls are charged at a normal rate.


For home postal, unsound, damaged, or other malfunctions

For delayed international postal, unsound, damaged or other malfunctions

Fill out the complaint form only if you find any delays or malfunctions in the postal services or you encounter other problems within them.

Customer support

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Careful! No complaints are accepted in the Customer Support form. If you want to submit a complaint, use the Internal Complaints and Complaints Forms.

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