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Tariffs > Cash-on-delivery domestic postal parcels

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Cash-on-delivery domestic postal parcels ( 0 – 15 kg/20kg indivisible content) – VAT included


Service package

Registration fee 5,90 lei

Weight tariff

0-10 kg - 1,20 lei/kg
10,01-15/20 kg  - 1,80 lei/kg
Insured value 1,10 % of the declared value

Cash-on-delivery value           

Money Order - 2,5 lei
E-Money Order (electronic) - 5,00 lei
1,10% of the Money Order value
Additional services
General delivery 1,85 lei
Acknowledgement of receipt 2,00 lei
Delivery to the addressee only 1,85 lei
Collection/Delivery to the headquarters/ domicile    up to 5 kg/over 5 kg
Collection from the headquarters/ domicile -  Non universal 3,80 lei (< 5 Kg) / 4,80 lei (> 5 Kg)
Delivery from  the headquarters/ domicile  -  Non universal
Collection and Delivery to/from the headquarters/ domicile - Non universal 7,60 lei (< 5 Kg) / 9,60 lei (> 5 Kg)
Collection and/or Delivery to/from the headquarters/ domicile (regardless the weight) monthly subscription included in the universal service - 70.00 lei not included in the universal service- 200.00 lei
Satuarday tariff 1,15 lei
Fragile 50 % in addition to the tariff for weight or a fraction of the respective weight
* fractions of a kg are charged as the next weight stage

Tariff from the tariff calculator is applied only for delivery or collection of the parcels (it doesn't apply to both services).

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