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In order to participate in the auction, the bidders will submit to the headquarters or to the headquarters of the County, at least 24 hours before the date and time of the auction meeting:
- the registration request and the purchase offer, containing all the necessary data according to the model;
- proof of payment of the auction guarantee in the amount of 10% of the starting price of the auction for each vehicle auctioned*.
*Payment will be made to the account no. RO22 BTRL 0450 1202 E847 24XX opened at Banca Transilvania- Victoria Branch or at the cashier of the County headquarter, the proof of which is made with a photocopy of the receipt or OP stamped by the paying bank.
The representatives of the legal entities will present at the opening of the auction meeting the power of attorney signed by the Company Administrator.
The model of the Application for registration and the purchase offer, as well as additional relations regarding the place and the schedule for visiting the vehicles can be requested through the contact person (PC) mentioned in the announcement for each location or via the e-mail address rodica.fetecau@posta-
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