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Data provided in Annex 4 to HG 583/2016:
Management agenda: click here
Collective Labor Agreement valid from 01.10.2020 - 01.10.2022 (updated on 14.12.2021): click here
Regulation of organization and functioning:
        - 2020 - click here
Programs and strategies: click here
Reports and studies: click here
The budget from all funding sources and the budget of the structures under the authority, subordinated or coordinated by the respective institution: click here
Payments situation (budget execution): click here
The situation of salary rights on positions and other rights/benefits: click here
Accounting balance sheets: click here
The annual program of public procurement: click here
Centralizer of public procurement: click here
Data provided in Annex 5 to HG 583/2016:
Specifying the date from which they are members of the CA/directors: click here
Political affiliation of each member/director: click here
The procedure by which the members of the board of directors and the general director were selected, as well as the revocations from the respective positions in the last 3 years and the reasons for the revocations: click here
Letter of expectations
Mandate contract
Publication of the investment budget in each of the last 3 financial years: click here
Publication of total personnel expenses in the last 3 years (including salaries, increments, bonuses, training or vocational training, settlements and other benefits):
          - 2017 - 2019: click here
Publication of the company's debts to the state budget, to credit institutions and to commercial partners, maintaining for each category what percentage is represented by payment arrears:
          - 2017 - 2019: click here
The amount of the operational subsidy received from the state budget
Mention of the public policy objective of the enterprise
Details of risk situations/risk analysis in the company's field of activity: information related to Risk Management is included in the Administrators' Report:
       - 2020: click here
Declaration of adherence to SNA 2016-2020, enterprise integrity plan (developed in line with OECD Good Practice Guide on Internal Control, Ethics and Compliance) and integrity incident reporting mechanism
Publication of the external audit report: click here
Publication of the aggregated annual report on the company's web page: click here
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