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General Director - Florin Valentin ŞTEFANCV

• The general director of Romanian Post, Valentin Ștefan lived the “American dream” for more than ten years, during which time he completed his postgraduate higher education and began his professional career, occupying several management positions in the business environment, but he also undertook activities in the international institutions within the United Nations (UN) as part of the monitoring team of the terrorist organizations Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

• During this time he attended North Carolina University in Chapell Hill, achieved a master's degree in Russian studies, and between 2013 and 2015 he worked as an investigator at Kroll Compliance in Washington. He later joined the Exiger Delingence team.

• His experience at the UN has led him to move forward in the financial institutions’ sector, where he built and coordinated teams working to prevent digital fraud. In 2017 he became a partner in the RISE Consortium, working in parallel at one of the most prestigious financial institutions in the world, Morgan Stanley, where for many years he worked in the field of online anti-fraud being responsible for training and uniting the digital fraud prevention team.

• Being passionate about the field of investigations and money laundering prevention, the general director of Romanian Post became a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the most important training network for anti-fraud specialists in the world.

• In 2020 he decided to return home to Romania to embrace new professional challenges, where he accepts to be part of the management team of the national postal service operator, starting from the position of Deputy General Director of Romanian Post, being responsible for the coordination of the Economic Division, of the IT&C and Legal departments and of the Administrative, Auto and Postal Security Division.

• In June 2021 Valentin Ștefan took over the mandate of General Director of Romanian Post. In the new position for which he was validated by the Council of Administration, he has initiated a series of projects in order to develop the portfolio of postal and financial services, while being fully involved in the field of sustainability and social responsibility, by supporting human capital in disadvantaged areas and initiating social projects for the benefit of the population affected by the war in Ukraine and for refugees who entered the Romanian territory.

• While assuming certain administrative reform measures, Valentin Ștefan believes in the development of Romanian Post on the postal services market, having the strongest arguments: specialized human capital and a great potential for development. Therefore, the general director has also initiated a project aimed at strengthening the external position of the national postal operator, by creating a regional logistics hub, together with other counterpart national postal administrations in the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and others, in which Romanian Post takes over a pivotal role in the development of the profile market in Central and South-Eastern Europe.


Director of Courier Business Unit – Constantin Cristian Tapalagă
Director of Economic-Financial Department – Alexandru Butiseacă

Director of Clients and Sales Department - Florin Gabriel Bulumac - CV
Director of Finacial Services Business Unit – Gregor Alexandru Teodorescu
Director of Infrastructure DepartmentOvidiu Vasile Călin -  CV
Director of Legal Departament – Claudia Florentina Radu
Director of Logistics Business Unit – Ovidiu Ioan Săcară
Director of Real Estate Business Unit - Silviu Mărgean
Director of Digital Transformation Department – Gregor Alexandru Teodorescu

Director of Imprints Business Unit – Adrian Mircea Grecu 

București Regional Branch - Director Regional Vasilica Spahiu - CV
Ploieşti Regional Branch - Director Regional Mihaela Monica Lupu - 
Craiova Regional Branch - Director Regional Doru Câplea - CV
Constanţa Regional Branch - Director Regional Nicolae Ploscaru - CV
Timişoara Regional Branch - Director Regional Adrian Răzvan Lulciuc - CV
Iaşi Regional Branch - Director Regional Radu - Ionel Ursanu - CV
Cluj-Napoca Regional Branch - Director Regional Florin Valentin Gliga - CV
Braşov Regional Branch - Director Regional Bogdan Florin Năstase - CV

President : Daniel Cateliu - CV
Member : Ioan Dragoș Moraru - CV
Member : Alina Prahoveanu - CV
Member : Mădălin Mihai Bondalici - CV
Member : Florin Zaharia - CV
Member: Mihaiela Frăsineanu - CV




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