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If you want to find out the status of a mail item outside the country, you can use an external search engine by accessing this link.

We inform you that the Romanian Post is not responsible for the accuracy of the retrieved information on external tracking platforms nor for the incorrect information submitted by them.

Mail items that can be tracked withinTrack & Trace bear the indicative " C " for postal parcels, " R " for Registered mail items or " VN " for Insured mail items , followed by 9 digits and the country code (US - United States CN - China , SG - Singapore , IT - Italy, FR - France , etc.).

You should know that the time assigned for processing the parcels outside EU ( on the relation with China or other countries ) may delay the delivery time provided by the sender of the postal parcel that you expect to arrive.

Romanian Post is not responsible for these delays .

  • Romanian Post uses a standard tracking code consisting of 13 characters ( AB123456789CD)
  • The tracking code used by other operators may have a different structure.
  • For mail items sent abroad, the tracking code provides information until exiting the country.
  • The tracking code doesn't provide information regarding the status of the mail item when transiting other countries.
  • For information regarding the status of your mail item in the destination country, please use the tracking module of the national postal operator of the respective country.
  • Want more information about the Track&Trace service? Click here!



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