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PostCollect is our click&collect solution dedicated to large and medium online shops (over 1000 orders/month), that offers their customers a comfortable alternative for courier delivery. The recipient of the orders chooses directly from the store website the post office where he wants to receive the parcel, goes to the dedicated PostCollect counter and picks up the order. The work schedule is extended (in the evenings and weekends), and PostCollect customers have priority, so they will not wait and avoid synchronization with the courier.
- national coverage;
- fast delivery: D+1, D+2;
- electronic management for dispatches;
- minimum costs;
- the possibility of integrating a customized or open source e-commerce platform (through extensions to connect to Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop platforms)
- API access to a dynamic database for choosing the post office where your customers want their order delivered.

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