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The procedure for purchasing products and services offered through SEAP
The Electronic Public Procurement System (SEAP) offers each contracting authority registered in the system, the opportunity to consult the product catalog of the tenderer C.N. Romanian Post S.A.
The initiation of a direct purchase is carried out according to the instructions in the user manual available in SEAP for the contracting authorities.
An assigned acquisition (purchase) represents a direct purchase for which the contracting authority has accepted the offer from the economic operator.
As a result of the award of a direct purchase, depending on the products and services purchased from the SEAP catalog and the requirements of the contracting authority, the tenderer C.N. Pošta Română S.A. prepares and sends to it the following documents: proforma invoice; invoice; service contract.
Additional information on the products and services published by Pošta Română in the SEAP electronic catalog can be obtained at the telephone numbers: 021/2007550 and 021/2007556 or at the e-mail address:
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