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You have the possibility to pay your bank installments and loans to the following  banking institutions:

  • BRD Finance Credite de Consum

  • Credit Europe Bank (România) S.A.  (fosta denumire: Credit Europe Bank)

  • Credit Europe Bank NV

  • Credit Europe Ipotecar IFN S.A.

  • UniCredit Țiriac S.A.

  • NexteBank

  • Patria Credit Instituţie Financiară Nebancară (payments can also be made inside the post offices that are not part of our computerized network)

  • Credius IFN S.A.

This service is available in our computerized post offices.



    021 9393

    021 9393 111 (pentru apeluri din strainatate)

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    M - F: 0800 - 2000
         S: 0900 - 1300

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