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Do you want to advertise your business locally or regionally? Posta Romana offers a wide range of services that meet all expectations and pockets. By the use of Postmesager, our service of distributing flyers and advertising leaflets, you can distribute materials of various sizes, both in the area where you have your business, at the level of a neighborhood, sector or even city. If your business is of wide interest, you can even distribute your advertising materials nationwide.
If you are interested in certain customer segments, you can choose Postmesager Plus, and together we will select the areas where you want to distribute your advertising materials, from flyers to leaflets. Postmesager Plus means databases comprising any visually identifiable category, for example: all courtyards in a particular area, all roofed houses, all companies with the same profile (hairdressers, pizzerias, car workshops, restaurants, etc.)
If you want to reach large categories of audiences who frequent the post offices, you can choose Postmesager Ghiseu, and the advertising materials will be displayed at the office counter. Also, with Postafis service you can display posters that promote your business inside the post offices, targeting the area and duration.
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Do you want to know the status of a postal item? Track&Trace helps you obtain the latest information about the postal items which can be tracked by the use of this system, whether your are the sender or the recipient.
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