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This section provides mandatory information that C.N. Posta Romana S.A. must make them public in accordance with the provisions of O.U.G. 109/2011 on the corporate governance of public enterprises, chap. V, Art. 51. "Transparency. Reporting obligations".


President: Constantin Saragea 
Member: Petre - Florin Manole - CV
Member: Oana Diana Crețu - CV
Member: Alexandru Cristian Rada - CV
Member: Mădălina Nădrag - CV
Member: Mădălin Bondalici - CV

   1. Announcement on the selection of Board Members and Directors

   2. The list of directors for the entire duration of their term of office

   3. Remuneration policy and criteria for administrators and directors

   4. General meeting of shareholders (A.G.A.) decisions, within 48 hours from the date of the meeting

   5. Annual financial statements, within 48 hours of approval

   6. Half-yearly accounting reports, within 45 days from the end of the semester

   7. Annual audit report

   8. The reports of the Management Board

   9. The annual report of the Board Members on the activity of the public enterprise

   10. CNPR internal regulations

   11. Code on ethical conduct of the internal auditor within CNPR


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