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Described in simple terms, philately is the passion of those who collect postage stamps.
From an etymological point of view, the term "philately" dates back to 1864, coming from the fusion of "philos" with "atelia". The result was this word with the meaning of "love of things free of taxes."
We do not know who it was or when the first collector appeared in Romania. It is not excluded that it was a "fashion" taken from others. The first signals regarding the collection of postage stamps date, according to the data known so far, from the year 1860. The correspondences that have been preserved until now are the first evidence of the growing passion or at least concern for stamps. We note some famous names from this pioneering period of philately: Dimitrie C. Butculescu, Constantin Moroiu, Al. Cantacuzino, Ioan Otetelesanu.
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