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Cash-on- delivery International postal parcels 0-31,5 kg (VAT included)

NOTE: The tariffs for this service are VAT included, regardless of the weight

International postal parcels weighing over 10 kg

How to calculate:

Priority service:

  • Service package = single tariff according to each country + (weight X tariff in lei/kg according to each country) + declared valuer 1,0% of the declared value +  international money-order cash-on delivery value  [( cash-on-delivery value X 4,00%) + single tariff applied to the value of the money order 2,8 lei].
NOTE: Posting and payment for international money orders, Eurogiro money orders shall be made in USD, EUR and the payment for the postal fees is to be made in lei.

Additional services




General delivery

3,00 lei 



Delivery to the addressee only (in person) 

2,80 lei 



Acknowledgement of receipt

15,00 lei 



Collection from the headquarters/ domicile of the client

for parcels/packages weighing more than 500g



Collection from location

7,00 lei



Delivery to location

7,00 lei




50 % in addition to the tariff for weight






Arrived postal parcels:




a) posting tariff at customs clearance      

b) general delivery tariff

3,00 lei 



Returned postal parcels:




a) weight and destination tariff charged when posted



according to domestic postal parcels tariff




b)  storage tariff owed to the post office of destination



c) tariff for performing the service at domicile owed to the post office of destination



d) general delivery tariff owed to the post office of destination    

e) other tariffs requested by the destination country



Tariff for posting on Saturdays

5,00 lei

*Countries where international postal parcels with maximum declared value, weight and size are accepted:

*fractions of a kg are charged as the next weight stage

Posting tariff at customs clearance is charged only if there are any taxes or other obligations to be paid:

a) for posting a mail item: -

b ) for a mail item that arrived: 12,00 lei
Customs clearance tariff is to be charged for mail items that have customs taxes to be paid instead of the registration tariff.
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