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The special delivery solution that allows customers who order goods online to be delivered directly to the door, throughout the country, benefiting from priority in transport, processing and delivery.

StaiAcasă Plus offers your customers a convenient and stress-free alternative to come into possession of online purchases.
With StaiAcasă Plus the ordered products can be delivered directly to the customer's door, through the postal network owned by Posta Romana.
StaiAcasă Plus advantages and benefits
  • coverage network: national;
  • Cash on delivery service  (on request);
  • parcel weight: unlimited;
  • delivery method: at customer's door;
  • Track & Trace monitoring throughout the flow, API integration;
  • computer order management;
  • transit times:
         - D / D + 1: in the same locality and in the rest of the localities in the county (D- day of postage);
          - D + 2 / D + 3: in the rest of the localities nationwide (depending on the agreed time of picking up the parcels from the client's premises).
  • the transport of the products can be packed also in special transport boxes, belonging to the partners;
  • human resources dedicated to performing this service;
  • dedicated distribution HUBs for each sector in Bucharest and county seat;
  • dedicated car fleet.


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